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Please select your listing type by clicking the underlined blue heading below.

Personal Free Listing.
A basic standard one line listing, similar to the phone book. With this
you must provide at very least a Name, phone number, and a City or area.
For example - "Red Rider, Wanganui, 027-2644-399."
You can, if you wish, also show your Street address and home phone.
EG: "Red Rider, 76 Polson St. Wanganui, 027-2644-399, 06-262-7142."
You will be asked for an Email address, but this will NOT be shown.

Business or Organisation Listing.
This listing allows far more information to be shown. It can be either -
1. A free black and white listing without live links, or
2. a paid listing with color text and live clickable links.
Both allow contact details, website and email addresses to be shown, plus
up to 200 characters of text as a description, adverts, whatever you wish.
The free version does not have color nor live clickable links. Those come at
a cost of $5 a year, which gets you a bold heading with a yellow background
a choice of text colours, and clickable live links for your website and Email
address. Selecting colors other than black will automatically charge you $5.
The colors and live links will not be enabled until the $5 annual fee is paid.

Example listings are shown HERE.

For more information, click 'How it Works' and also 'Rules and Conditions.'